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Congratulations to MEC208 Jeff for winning Pilot of the Month honors yet again! In the month of November, Jeff flew a total of 40 flights for 98 hrs! Keep up the great work Jeff and congrats again!



Congratulations to MEC322 Calvin  for receiving Pilot of the Month honors for October 2014! Calvin flew a total of 152 flights for 76.5 hours! He did all of these flights touring the Hawaiin Islands; mostly flying the Falcon in place of the Embrarer ERJ 145XR. When interviewed he stated he became intimately familiar with the airspace, frequencies, SIDs and STARs of the islands as a result of this month's activity.  Great job Calvin and keep up the nice work!
MEC322 - Calvin W @Marlin - Go for it, but (FYI) I was only in competition with myself. I was curious how many fully planned and executed ...
MEC420 - (Marlin C.) Nicee. Im new but ill be pass that real soon.
MEC256-Trey a Congrats! Where did you get the Falcon??

10,000 Flight Milestone!

Jonnysahn aCEOVAT Mentor posted Aug 14, 14
A few days ago MECva eclipsed the 10,000 flight total! I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support of MECva almost two and a half years later. I never imagined it would grow into the community it has become! Terrific job everyone and here's to 10,000 more!