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Congratulations to MEC321 Jeff S on receiving Pilot of the Month honors for March 2014. Jeff flew a total of 51 flights for 29.5 hours! Congratulations to Jeff and keep up the great work!
MEC118 - HondaJet a Way to go Jeff!
MEC208 - Jeff Hoffman a Congrats Jeff!
Congratulations to MEC206 Lee S for receiving Pilot of the Month honors for February 2014! Lee flew a total of 51 flights for 46.7 hours! Congrats Lee and keep up the flying!
MEC 155 - vegasjon Nice going!!!
MEC215 - Moggy a Nice job, Lee! You set an outstanding example here! Well-deserved, yet again!
MEC118 - HondaJet a Nice job Lee; Congrats You are tough to try to catch Jerry ...

10,000 hour Milestone!

MEC101 Jonathan Enger aCEOVAT Mentor posted Feb 23, 14
I am proud to announce that we recently eclipsed the 10,000 flight hour mark as a VA. I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support for MECva and all the flying you all have been doing. This is one of the best VA communities around and as we close in on our 2 year anniversary, I am sure that tradition will continue! Great job everyone!
MEC115 - WyattB aCOOVAT Mentor So that accounts for all my flight hours... the rest of you need to step it up! haha Congrats EVERYONE! ...
MEC367 Like to give best Regards to MEC. I`ve fully enjoyed my humble beginnings with you all amassed a wee 12hrs to date, and ...
MEC272-vfrpilot Congrats to all the pilots, this is a great VA!
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