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Our account with VAFS will be shut down 2/1/2016 so make sure you don't fly hours in that system or you might not receive credit for them.

Everyone should be on our new phpVMS system using either smartCARS or kACARS flight tracking now and flying there.  Site address is http://flymirageva.org/phpvms/index.php/

The news shown below will give you what you need to open your new account if you have not done so already.

If you are one of the few that never registered for a phpVMS account -- Register at the above link and you will be given a new MEC number.  Once your account is accepted you will receive an email with further information about smartCARS.  You may also use kACARS if you prefer.

Blue Skies,


Todd has our new server & php database installation ready to go before the current one closes down on 12/27/2015.  

***Our Forums will remain here for now but there will be more news on this early next year.

Our NEW Website Link ---  http://flymirageva.org/phpvms/index.php/
These instructions are ONLY for pilots that had hours flown in the previous smartCARS phpVMS system before it shut down on 12/27/2015.   If you never got an account in phpVMS then you should register and ignore item #1 below.   At that point you will be given a Pilot ID # and can go from there.

1.  First is most important!! --- When you go to this new site Don't register again (that will create a new ID number for you);  Request a Password reset or "Lost my Password".  I'm not sure what the words are there on the login page so just look for something about forgot password or get password reset or the like.    When you get the new password then login to your account using your current MEC number and if all works right it will let you in.  If not let me know before you go any further so we can address the issue. 

2.  Look for "News" on the Home page;  use the link in the first News entry dated 12/19 to get your smartCARS software download for this domain.  This is different than the smartCARS you have right now!  It is also available in the download section of your pilot center.

3.  You may also use kACARS if you prefer just like before.   If you want to use kACARS you send a request for the instructions to set up the VA Profiles to jerry@flymirageva.org. 

4.  At that point I hope you should be able to do flights just like before.

5. Once you have access to your account here start doing flights just like before.  However,  let me know about anything that does not look right so we can address it quickly.  
If you find issues, screenshots will be very helpful in solving the issue.

6.  Don't do any more flights in the old db (it will stop working on or about 12/27, therefore I won't be able to find hours you did there).  Once you start flying this db check your pilot logbook and let me know quickly if you lost any hours.   I think I have them all accounted for but I have been juggling the old db & VAFS to get your totals right.  Now they have been imported into this new db and we need to confirm it has all worked correctly.

7. Last thing is you will notice we have changed our Rank structure to be more in line with real world (but still fantasy) so those will look different.   Our highest Rank now is Chief Pilot and we have several already. 

Thanks for your support and enjoy your flights.

Blue Skies,
MEC001 - HondaJet aCEO Use this Forum Thread to post problems with phpVMS or smartCARS, Thank you. http://www.miragechartersva.com/forum/...
MEC001 - HondaJet aCEO Jim, We had another pilot with something like this. It turned out that he did not have .NETframework 4.5 on his computer...

This site is undergoing transition to phpVMS using smartCARS & kACARS for our flight tracker.

After you “Join Mirage VA” here - Go to this link to register for our phpVMS site to get your pilot ID.



As we make progress in the transition from VAFS we will continue to make changes to this website.   It is currently our Official site for Mirage Executive Charters VA forums and other VA information.